God is speaking clearly to the church: it is time to take your place of influence in the world.

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God is speaking clearly to the church: it is time to take your place of influence in the world. Yet, one of the greatest lies propagated by the enemy in the garden that is still believed today is that God is controlling. Author and Pastor Loren Covarrubias will position you to gain a perspective on the kingdom of God and the goal of Christianity before it was watered down to its current state.

Walking through the word of God in a step-by-step fashion, we are given an opportunity to address emotions, mindsets, and even traditions that have prevented us from being the powerful church Jesus so boldly proclaimed at His departure. His straightforward approach will really leave you with only one question:



Take your place of influence
  • Live a Life of Purpose

    “The key factor in our understanding is our comprehension of God’s original intent for us. He has chosen us in love to be His sons. This means Christianity is no mere religion…with this frame of thinking, we will also look at ourselves and God from a whole different perspective…God has a great plan, and you are part of the plan. In this plan, you and I will be participants in a glorious company of people chosen by God, justified by His Son, and brought to glory by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives…to multiply, fill up the earth, and take dominion through stewardship in this life.”

    This book is a call to the place above human ability and even traditions of men, a call to the place God has for us.  It will be the place of God’s “eternal purpose.”  It is an obtainable place but a place we can only reach by faith.

    You can obtain your eternal purpose…take the first step today!

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  • What is the “Gospel” Message?

    A general understanding of the “Gospel” message (the good news) is the proclamation that Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we would be saved and spend eternity in heaven with Him. The rejection of this Gospel would doom us to hell. The central goal, therefore, has been to save souls. While heaven is most definitely our destination, our singular assignment is not to get to heaven, but to declare and demonstrate His kingdom here on earth as His mature body of believers.

    We need to reorient our mindset to the message of the Gospel if we are going to understand the plans and purposes of God for His creation. The theme of the Gospel, the good news, is that “our God reigns.” Jesus Christ did not come simply to save the world; He came to announce the reign of God and to take His place before us as the King who sits on the throne of authority. It is time to move past a man-centered gospel and experience the life of faith God really intended for His people.

    Lift your vision higher and believe that God reigns in every situation and circumstance of your life!

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  • God’s Plan: Dominion through Stewardship

    In Genesis 2, God’s plan for His creation and their call to dominion is revealed. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden and instructed to cultivate and protect what God had given to them—this is the principal of stewardship. Their direct responsibility became guarding and protecting the land in order to sustain an environment for creation and life to be birthed. On the contrary, our humanistic perspective often views dominion as an opportunity to seize, take control, or bring something to pass in our own efforts.

    God’s design is dominion through stewardship. Simply put, we take whatever God has put in our hands and use it to the fullest potential, understanding that in the end, it will produce what God has planned so we can receive the fullness of the kingdom.

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  • Love as the Destiny?

    We all want love. It is literally a part of our makeup. You were created in the image and likeness of God. God is love! Remember, God does not just love; it is the essence of His person. This is why the pursuit of love is a normal part of our human quest.

    Unfortunately, unless we see love as it is defined through God, our love will be imperfect and not satisfying. God demonstrates to us that the way to get love is to give it. If you are looking for love, you need to give up your search and draw from your own resources. As you begin to give it out, it will start coming back to you. True love is not self-centered; true love gives—and love that gives is mature love. When we move beyond self-centered love, we will truly experience the greatest level of love God has for us and extend it to the world around us.

    The pinnacle of true love is that it motivates us to live beyond ourselves!

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  • Activating Kingdom Wisdom

    Just think, through the Spirit of God, we have access to the mind and heart of God. Like Daniel, we have access to the mind that created all things. Imagine what creativity could come from the house of God if we would lend ourselves to Godly understanding. You can unlock the keys to kingdom wisdom in your life! Yet, we often fail to operate in the level of understanding and wisdom God has gifted us in. Why? Because we forget who we are in Christ!

    When we operate from our identity in Christ, we will see from a kingdom perspective. Just like Daniel in Babylon, we will be able to serve the world with wisdom, excellence, and understanding. While we may not have control over every circumstance around us, we will operate as God intended–as salt and light to the systems of men. We will have both divine authority and power with great influence.

    When we truly walk in the wisdom and understanding of God, people will seek us out. People came from all over the world to witness Solomon’s wisdom, and to see it in operation in his kingdom. The world wants to portray the people of God as simpletons, but we have access to the true source of all inspiration. Do not allow yourself to be limited; live out your God-given purpose and authority!

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  • Giving Yourself to Sonship

    From the beginning of creation, God’s plan for us, His people, was that we would live as mature “sons” in the earth; people who bear the image of God and fulfill the Father’s purpose in the earth. The sons of God in the earth are empowered by grace to fulfill their kingdom commission. It is time for the full glory of God to be received by His people! Yet, there is a condition to reigning in life with Christ: “if we suffer with Him” (See Romans 8:15-17). It’s important to note that suffering, in context, doesn’t infer destruction caused by disease, poverty, and the like. Rather, the personal sacrifice of suffering in the flesh (bearing the “reproach” of Christ) represents the suffering that will reveal the sons of God in the earth. Many of the greatest leaders in the body of Christ have had to make sacrifices to fulfill their purpose.

    We can and will be what the Father has called us to be. More than anything, it is about the pursuit of our goal to represent the King and His kingdom as His delegated authority in the earth. God has placed all His plans on us. Creation groans for the revealing of the sons of God in the earth. This “groan” is in each and every one of us. Do you feel the “groan” inside of you? You’ve been called for such a time as this. Receive the empowerment of God to go forward in His strength and accomplish His purpose!

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Loren Covarrubias

Author and Pastor Loren Covarrubias will position you to gain a perspective on the kingdom of God and the goal of Christianity before it was watered down to its current state.

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What others are saying

Shelly B.

Finally! A book that unveils the mystery of God’s love and purpose for eternity.  Loren’s book reveals the hidden truths in the word and makes them plain to understand for Christians of all levels.



This book is first very personable. It is as if the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to you. Each chapter is set forth in the form of a question which begs for an answer like what it means to be a son of God. This book will cause you to revisit some of the religious traditions in the church in light of the word of God.


Veronica T.

God broke my mindsets. I now understand that all I have lived is nothing more than God’s process bringing me to maturity. Before the foundation of the world He began a plan and He will finish it.


Chuck E.

Understanding that God reigns allows me to walk out the door in the morning, shoulders back and posture tall, ready to face the world with a Kingdom power. I can carry a confidence with me in my daily activities, my conversations, my work, my relationships, good news and bad news, knowing that God is in control, that God has my back. Understanding God reigns allows me to more effectively be salt and light to the world.


Dan R.

Finding your place in God’s eternal purpose has provided a vital word through which God has confirmed His true purpose for my life. The revelation that God has a dynamic journey tailored just for me, one that’s designed to mature me into His chosen mature son, provides me with the energy to approach life’s inevitable tribulations as opportunities. We, as His Church, are never intended to be victims. Instead, we can choose everyday to be co-authors with God in His Book of Life!

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  • Veronica T.
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  • The “Good News”
  • Dominion
  • A Destiny of Love
  • Kingdom Wisdom
  • Walk as Sons

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